Take advantage of Perth’s Sun

Take advantage of Perth’s Sun

Take advantage of living in the sunniest city in Australia with Solar energy. With electricity prices on the rise, Perth households are now reaping the benefits of solar, and seeing firsthand what it can do to reduce power bills. Solar is a solid investment in your household’s future and on average you will have paid off your solar package within the first two years based on your current power bill. Not only will it help cut your household bills, but you will also be doing your bit for the environment through use of renewable resources.

Still not convinced solar is for you?

Here are a few more reasons to jump on the solar trend…



1.      Take advantage of the government Solar Rebates

The WA government is currently offering rebates on new solar systems for both residential and commercial residences. Keep in mind this scheme will not last forever so get in while you can and save yourself a few $$. For more information on the rebates click here


2.      Save money on your power bills

Think of solar as Farm to table, when you cut out the middleman you will see your power bill drop substantially. There are two big ways you can save with a solar system:

Self-consumption – This is your usage of solar directly from the source during daylight hours and will largely reduce your off the grid power usage and in turn reduce your bills.

Be smart about using power during these hours, things like running the pool pump during the day or putting the washing machine on while you’re at work.

Export your excess solar – Any power your home generates that isn’t used will go back into the grid which results in a credit of 8c for every unit you export.


3.      Perth is a great place for storing Solar

With approximately 265 sunny days throughout the year and Perth properties receiving on average 5.3 hours of direct sunlight per day, we are in the ideal location to make the most of renewable energy. By having battery storage, instead of that excess energy being exported back into the grid, you are able to utilize it at night and on those occasional rainy days. Storage allows you to be completely self sufficient and accessing the grid only on occasions when you exceed your stored amount.


4.      Look after the environment

We all know fossil fuels are not a sustainable use of energy moving forward and 1 in 3 WA households are already apart of the solar movement. By investing in solar energy, you not only cut down your own household bills but you also assist in the production of clean energy for other households and lessen our reliance of unsustainable sources of energy. Be apart of the movement to a greener future.


5.      Increase the value of your home

Perth house prices are at an all time high and are set to continue growing, West coast buyers are keen to get the most out of their money and solar is a huge incentive for long term savings when buying a property. REIWA has confirmed buyers are looking for greener options and willing to pay for them for long term savings. Why not get in now and have the WA government assist with some of the costs.