Would your home benefit from some smart home devices?

Would your home benefit from some smart home devices?

Would your home benefit from smart home devices?

Living in the 21st century has brought with it a number of pros and cons and one that sits in the grey area is the rise of Smart  home devices that have become a part of every day living.

There are pros and cons to all smart devices and the main question we see when it comes to information security and personal safety: Are smart home devices worth the privacy risks?

So, what exactly does “smart” mean? When talking about smart devices or homes, simply put, “smart” means connected to the internet, usually via WiFi. These devices can be controlled by the internet, collect data and store it on the web and create live feeds of data streaming collected by sensors, cameras and microphones. Sounds a bit scary when put like that right? We will break down below the safest smart devices to keep in your home and how you can reap the benefits without losing privacy.

The smart home device: Smart lights

Have you every gotten in to work and realized you didn’t turn the lights off?

We have all been there – Smart lights provide an innovative solution to this.

Smart lights are a brilliant invention that can not only help with saving on your power bills and providing full control of your home from a distance but they are also great for the environment. Smart lights all have a common element and that’s that they are LED meaning not only do they have a longer life (60,000 hours vs 1500 hours of an incandescent bulb) , they also use a fraction of the energy compared to older style bulbs.

This is a win/win in our eyes with no compromise on your privacy or security.

The smart home device: Smart security cameras

Smart security cameras take home safety to the next level. These devices use motion detectors to reduce the amount of unnecessary recording time and to send alerts straight to your phone when motion is detected allowing you real time access to homes safety. Instead of using your Security cameras as a way to catch out a thief after the incident, you can use them to prevent theft and monitor you home when you’re not there.

The smart home device: Smart Air Conditioners

Who doesn’t love coming home to a cool house in summer or a cosy warm room in winter!

Smart Air Conditioners allow you to power up your unit from a mobile device, change the temperature and have full control of your homes temperature from afar. These wifi enabled devices are becoming more common as people become more conscious of the impact power usage is having on our environment and are a privacy safe way to make your home a little smarter!


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