Should I put a battery backup on my existing solar system?

Should I put a battery backup on my existing solar system?

To determine if you need a Solar Battery  we need to ask some questions!

Q: How much of your electricity consumption does your existing solar system cover?

A: Depending on when the system was installed and whether or not you’ve had a feed-in tariff, your system may only generate enough power to meet a small portion of your electricity needs – or it may generate more than you actually need. This will dictate the best approach for sizing your battery storage.

Q: What energy storage system size would best suit your needs and budget? Do you want to go off-grid at all costs (possibly to spite your utility), or do you view energy storage as an investment to complement your solar PV?

A: Your answers to these questions will help you determine the best system size.

Q: Will the system provide you with back-up power?

A: This is not a given with solar battery storage systems. Only certain battery storage systems will allow you to access your battery power when the grid is down – make sure you ask.

Q: Should you install batteries now, or just get a battery-ready inverter?

A: If your system is over 5 years old and due for an inverter replacement, this might be a good time for you to consider installing energy storage – or perhaps just a battery-ready, hybrid inverter. Even if you don’t install a solar battery right away, a hybrid inverter will ensure that batteries can easily be installed at a later date.

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