Keeping Cool While Saving The Environment?

Keeping Cool While Saving The Environment?

You want to keep cool throughout summer, do you switch on the air-conditioner or do you switch on a ceiling fan?

Because of the ever increasing costs of energy and due to your air-conditioner being the most likely highest contributor to energy use at your home, it is unlikely that you can leave it running 24 hours a day unless you have money to burn or have a very good solar system installed.

But the humble ceiling fan is an extremely economical way to help cool the home! The ceiling fan works in the same principal as a breeze does; by the movement of air over your skin, this allows your skin to breathe and thus cool you down.

What are the benefits of ceiling fans?

 Ceiling fans claim to fame in helping the environment is that most fans use only as much power as a standard 60 watt light globe with a running cost of less than 1 cent an hour to run .

They’re reasonably cheap to buy and install ($200-400) in comparison to an air-conditioner 2.5kw ($1200-1600) costing approximately 14 cents an hour to run.

Ceiling fans circulate air quieter and more efficiently than air conditioners due the fact that air conditioners have to depend on  small fast moving internal fans to move the air thus causing more air turbulence which increases the noise levels.

When you use an air-conditioner to cool the air it reduces the amount of moisture it can carry and thus, lowers the room humidity. While this can be a good thing the side effect is that it also causes the drying out feeling that causes your eyes, throat and skin to feel dry and sore. This is not the case when you use a ceiling fan.

Some ceiling fans are reversible. By using the ceiling fan in reverse in winter the fan blows up which in turn pushes the warm air down from the ceiling, thereby warming the room and reducing your heating costs and reducing condensation on your windows.

Ceiling fans are perfect for outside in your entertaining areas where you can’t use air-conditioners.

Ceiling Fans and Air-Conditioners though are perfect partners when you understand and use them to complement each other. By using the air-conditioner to bring the room temperature and humidity down and using the ceiling fan to move the chilled air, this provides a natural breeze to improve the cooling effectiveness of the system which in turn allows you to raise the thermostat on an air-conditioner for effectively the same room temperature. For every degree you raise the thermostat, there is a 3% savings in your running costs.