Improve Your Security With CCTV And Alarm Systems Integration On Your Commercial Property

Improve Your Security With CCTV And Alarm Systems Integration On Your Commercial Property

Security systems that provide superior safety and security to your commercial property are in high demands in recent years. With all the robberies and break-ins happening not only to residential premises but also to commercial premises, installing some form of security system has become a prerequisite for business owners. The systems you might choose will need to cover not just the exterior areas of your retail or office space but the interior areas as well.

CCTV camera systems and door-tampering alarm systems are very popular security installations on commercial properties and retail shops. If you are a business owner looking to implement these security solutions, read on to learn why you should consider getting a CCTV and alarm system integration on your premises.

Main Advantage: Remote Monitoring

CCTV surveillance actively monitor & retrieve high-definition video and images through security cameras installed in various location. It acts like a very effective visual deterrent against criminals since it allows for the police to identify the perpetrators and put out an arrest warrant. Advanced camera systems are extremely efficient and can detect any motion on your business after business hours. All you need is an internet connection and a linked device such as your phone or laptop to view the recordings in real-time or on-demand.

Another benefit is that visuals and videos of your premises can be viewed from any remote location as well. Advanced CCTV system software allows you to download all the surveillance footage to your computer or mobile device remotely. This is a great benefit for busy business owners who want visibility of their premises even when they aren’t physically present there.

Choosing the right system for your commercial premise

There are a great number of smart surveillance and alarm systems available on the market. If you are unsure of which system to get, you can always consult with CCTV security professionals and electricians before deciding which system will be best suited for your commercial property. The safety and security of your commercial property is something you can never take for granted.

These security systems act as deterrent to criminals, but you also need to make sure that they are installed at the right spots in the exterior areas of your commercial premises. It’s important that you work with security system experts for this purpose. Some important aspects to consider are:

  • A detailed information about the different types of systems available and how robust they need to be for your commercial property.
  • Determine which locations would be ideal for installing the CCTV cameras and alarm systems.
  • The systems you choose should have some form of facial recognition and be able to capture number plates of vehicles in case the perpetrators use a getaway vehicle.
  • The number of CCTV cameras needed to provide a complete coverage throughout your commercial premises. Note that the bigger the property, the more you may need to spend on additional cameras.
  • The placement of the CCTV cameras should be at the right height. They need to be out of reach in order to protect them from damage. But they shouldn’t be so high up that they are unable to capture images efficiently.

Extending Your Security: Integrate Security Lighting Systems

In conjunction with CCTV surveillance systems, security lighting systems can also be installed to further improve your premise’s security. These lights typically have motion sensors installed on them and switches on if they sense any movement within their range. For more advanced systems, you can opt to get alarm systems and video intercom systems integrated into your CCTV surveillance system as well. This creates a very comprehensive and robust security surveillance on your property.

Many commercial property owners are also getting CCTV cameras installed in the indoor areas of their properties. This helps them keep track of their employees and staff. The CCTV cameras can be installed on retail shop floors, packing areas, manufacturing areas, storage rooms and other locations within the commercial premise. This can help prevent petty thefts in the office or retail space and monitor your employee’s activities.

If you need help choosing and installing security systems in your commercial property, our licensed electricians at Austec Electrical can give you practical and valuable advice on your situation. Our team is here to provide you with the best solutions at the most cost-effective price.