Getting An Electrical Inspection Before Purchasing a Home

Getting An Electrical Inspection Before Purchasing a Home

Buying a home is most probably the largest single purchase of your lifetime. In most cases, you will be buying an already established home, which may range from being a couple of years old to decades old. Although it is natural to move in as quickly as possible, it is wise to first have a full inspection of the home (plumbing, structure, etc.) Most importantly, you should not forget to have a thorough electrical inspection of your potential home before you sign on the dotted line. A comprehensive inspection by a licensed electrician may involve, but is not limited to:

  • Determining potential electrical hazards
  • Inspecting the current health of main electrical lines that run throughout the house
  • Checking for uncovered or exposed electrical wiring
  • Checking for outdated or damaged electrical wiring
  • Examining the condition of switches in all rooms
  • Testing power points and lighting
  • Checking and testing safety switches
  • Examining the power board and box
  • Verifying that the electrical system complies with regulations
  • Noting the location of smoke alarms and testing them for faults

It can be quite tricky to know exactly what aspects of your electrical system need checking and when it needs to be done. Moreover, depending on the age of the home you are looking to buy, the electrical inspection may need to be more intensive and time-consuming.

Book an Inspection Before You Commit to Buying A Home

An electrical safety inspection is prior to buying a home, especially a home that has been around for a couple of years, is important to identify any electrical hazards that may impact your purchase decision. Also, having the inspection done can help you dodge a hefty electrical repair bill for the home, or you may even help you negotiate a lower price if you find any faults.

You can also put a condition to the home seller to include the electrical inspection to the overall pre-purchase property inspection report, which often cover things like fire safety, plumbing, heating and cooling and more. Depending on the extent of the inspection, electrical and fire alarms inspection are not normally checked, but these things are extremely important and should be checked before committing to buying your home.

Special Considerations when Buying an Older Home

Electrocution is probably the most common issue to consider when buying an older home. When you buy a previously owned home, it is hard to know what kind of repairs have been done in the past. Moreover, there is a possibility that the electrical repair was not completed safely or up to the current regulations. If the house is more than 10 years old, a licensed electrician should have a look at all electrical connections and safety switches, and possibly suggest some repairs or upgrades to ensure that the house follows the current building code.

Keep Up Regular Maintenance

Maintenance doesn’t end when you purchase and move in to your home. It is important to make sure that all electrical wiring, earthing connections, switchboards and all appliances are in good working order. This is why it is handy to know a licensed and experienced electrician to check and repair any electrical problem. At Austec Electrical, we have experienced electricians with more than 30 years of experience in electrical servicing. Contact us if you need to speak to a licensed electrician for advice.


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