Future-proof your home with 6 new home automation technologies

Future-proof your home with 6 new home automation technologies

Recent technological advances in smart homes and the Internet of things have opened up so many doors when it comes to home automation – literally! Today, you can even unlock your front door with your smartphone when you’re away from home. 

And while newly-built properties may benefit from an electrician wiring their home specifically for smart-home capabilities, you can turn your existing house into a smart home too. 

If you need a little inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. This month on the blog, we’ve rounded up six emerging home automation possibilities to keep your eye on.

Smart doorbells
One of the most exciting developments in home security in recent years is the smart doorbell. These video-enabled products can be placed by your door, giving you access to real time footage of your front yard. When the doorbell is rung, you’ll automatically receive a notification on your phone and the option to start a two-way video call. Of course, the footage could come in handy if you experience a break-in too. 

Smart security cameras
Similar to smart doorbells but intended more for surveillance, smart security cameras can be placed around the inside and outside of your home. You can view the live footage from your smartphone, and even receive notifications if the motion sensor activates when you’re not home. Some smart security cameras are fitted with an automatic spotlight and an optional alarm to deter intruders. 

Smart locks
One of the more innovative smart home products on the market is the smart lock. These nifty gadgets can attach to your door and hook up to a smartphone app that all householder members can use to enter. Relying on key-code passwords means no more carrying keys around everywhere – that’s a win! Smart locks come with an additional level of security in that they sound an alarm if a code is entered incorrectly too many times. 

Smart lights
Smart lights are often the first smart-home device people invest in. They’re a simple way to get started with home automation and they certainly won’t break the bank. Next time your lightbulb goes dead, replace it with a smart light alternative. Using the smartphone app, you’ll be able to change the brightness, warmth and even the colour of the glow! You can also use your home automation tech to tell your lights to turn on and off, for example when you get home or wake up. 

Smart plugs
Turn anything into a smart device with one simple fix – the smart plug. It looks like a ‘piggy back’ double adapter and simply acts as an intermediary between your regular old appliance and your home automation set-up. For example, if you plug your standard coffee machine into a smart plug, then plug the smart plug into the wall socket, you’ll be able to control the coffee machine from your device as if it were a ‘smart’ coffee machine. Which is to say you’ll be able to set the coffee machine to automatically turn on before you wake up!

Smart blinds
Last but not least, smart blinds are making waves in the home automation scene. Just like a fancy hotel or a Bond villain, you can control your blinds from your bed. Like other home automation accessories, you can set a schedule so your blinds will open when you wake up and close when the sun goes down. 

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