Equipping Your Power Points With USB Charging Capability

Equipping Your Power Points With USB Charging Capability

Nowadays, the average home is outfitted with multitude of power points for power appliances but few are designed to accommodate the needs of multiple charger types, thus forcing homeowners to perform a juggling act to recharge their tablets, smartphones, and other devices in the same power point. USB-enabled power points are the solution for busy families since they have the capability to keep up with modern charging needs while leaving your standard three-pronged outlets free for use. In Australia, any electrical repairs or upgrades need to be handled by a qualified electrician who have the right tools and experience. We can replace some, or upgrade all of the traditional outlets in your home with ease; here’s how we do it:

1. Choose an appropriate location

You may be tempted to install USB outlets in every room in your home but be wary that your choices may be limited by the size of the junction box in your desired area. Due to the additional wiring and electricals needed to accommodate the USB ports, most outlets require approximately seven centimeters of depth for installation. If you have the house plan and any relevant specification, it can help you determine which outlets are most feasible to upgrade. Once you have chosen a spot, remove the cover plate to determine if the junction box is adequately sized for the new outlet before doing any further actions.

2. Research USB power points and select an appropriate outlet  

While they may all look the same, every USB power point has its own set of specifications and technology. Newer USB 3.0 specifications go up to 4.5W of output while older USB 2.0 only goes up to 2.5W. This is a consideration, particularly if you want to take advantage of fast charging technology for most modern smartphones and tablets. Choose a USB outlet that is manufactured by a reputable brand and conforms to regulatory safety standards set by the Western Australian government. Select a colour and configuration that suits your needs and preferences, as well as a cover plate that coordinates with the size and colour of your existing outlets. This move will ensure that your house stays colour-coordinated and consistent across all rooms.

3. Turn off the power

We locate the main electrical panel in your home and turn off the circuit breaker to the room that we will be working in, or for added safety, turn the power off for the entire house. This guarantees the safety of not just our electricians, but also you and your home from any unexpected short circuits.

4. Preparing the new USB outlet and removing the old components

Before we install the new USB power point, we ensure power to the receiver is off. Using a voltage tester, we check that power has been cut to the pertinent power point before commencing with any installation. Once certain that there is no power to the outlet, we start by removing the cover plate and the screws that hold the old outlet into place.

5. Disconnect the wiring and connect the new outlet

We disconnect the wires from the old outlet, or if the wires are secured with quick release clamps rather than screws, we use a small screwdriver or another appropriately sized tool to engage the release button. The marked wires are all securely reconnected to the wires of the designated terminals.

6. Securing the cover plate to the power point

We then put together all the various parts that were disconnected during the installation. We attach the new outlet to the junction box using the same hardware from the old outlet and complete the installation with the addition of the new cover plate, which may be secured with a screw depending on the design of the power point.

7. Restore power and testing

Finally, we return to the electrical panel and turn the power back on and use the voltage tester to verify that the power point is operational. For another safety check, we connect a USB powered devices to the new outlet to test it, as well as a small appliance or lamp to the usual outlet to see if the wiring has been done correctly and that it can handle multiple devices using the same power point point at once,


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