Electrical Upgrade Ideas for Your Kitchen

Electrical Upgrade Ideas for Your Kitchen

Modern houses in Australia mainly showcase the kitchen as one of, if not the centerpiece of the home. With the recent comeback of family traditions such as dinner catchups and inviting friends over, it’s no wonder that kitchens play a very important part of many Aussie families’ lifestyles. Kitchen renovations remain one of the leading home upgrades planned and done by homeowners today. Whether your kitchen renovations plans are for increased home resale value, or you simply want to improve the look and function of your kitchen, make sure that you consider the following electrical upgrades and renovations:

Let There Be (More) Light

Kitchens require light, and by that we mean a significant amount of different light sources and intensities. No matter the size of your kitchen, adding a few more lights here and there can improve the impression of your kitchen, both in appearance and size. If you have recently renovated or upgraded your kitchen, replacing old lighting and adding some accent lights in frequently used places such as the kitchen bench, or over the stove will bring more warmth and visibility to your home. With their high lumens and affordability, downlights are an excellent option for accent lighting. Consult with a kitchen renovation expert or a licensed electrician to help you decide which light fixtures will work with your new kitchen.

Power Points Splurge

You can never have enough power outlets in your home, and kitchens are no exception. A myriad of new appliances and kitchen fixtures can quickly use up the available number of power outlets in the kitchen. When putting new power points, investing in ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets is worth it. They have been extremely effective in reducing the number of home electrocutions by almost 50% in Australia. Most new homes now have these devices installed in locations where water is present in and around the premises. By updating your power points to GFCI circuits, you can improve both the safety of people using the kitchen from being electrocuted and prevent electrical fires from occurring due to tripping circuit breakers.

USB (Ports) is King

According to CNET, some 3 billion USB units are being shipped each year. With more devices requiring USB cables for charging and power delivery, seeing USB ports alongside traditional power points is becoming more common. Moreover, personal assistants like Google Home and Amazon Echo are becoming important devices in the kitchen especially for researching recipes and watching cooking videos. As USB standardization matures, it might only be a matter of time before we see kitchen appliances use the USB specification for power delivery. Future-proofing your kitchen by adding USB ports is definitely worth the spend.

Dim the Lights

This sounds counterintuitive with our first suggestion, but certain situation arise when the need to reduce the brightness of your lights is warranted. Wall dimmers can be installed and paired up with LED or CFL bulbs that support the dimming feature. Having the ability to dim the lights also comes in handy when you’ve had a long and hard day at work or planning a romantic dinner for your partner. You can also save a fair bit of money by using the minimum amount of light needed to perform kitchen duties.

A Special Tip: Always Consult with A Licensed Electrician

Kitchen renovations and upgrades always start out with the best intentions in mind. To make sure that all electrical work done follows the residential safety specifications in Western Australia, it is imperative that you get the services of a licensed electrician who has experience with renovations and Kitchen Electrical. It is money worth spending, knowing that your new kitchen works perfectly and without any hassles.



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