Electrical Safety Tips Before You Go on Vacation

Electrical Safety Tips Before You Go on Vacation

It’s summer time and everyone is planning their perfect holiday. Whether it is flying off to Bali or driving to see the Uluru, it is important to secure your homes and make sure that all electrical units have been checked for fire safety hazard. Before you take your bags on your trip, here are some simple vacation safety checklist for your electronics:

Don’t Leave the Lights On The Whole Time You’re Away

We’ve heard our friends and family talking about how they secured their homes when they were away on a vacation, and the most common step they mention is to leave the front light on to deter burglars and intruders. Yes, studies do show that criminals tend to target a home with no lights than one that is well-lit, but it is a burden to your electricity bill. Furthermore, leaving light bulbs on for extended periods can start a fire if the bulbs gets too hot. Instead of leaving lights on the whole time, consider investing in a motion-sensor outdoor lighting system or a modern electronic programmable timer switch for your home lighting system. These modern switches offer several timed settings as well as a randomized setting to create an illusion of someone being inside the house.


Check Your Alarm Systems

Most homes are now equipped with fire and smoke sensors as well as security alarms. Modern systems using in newer homes are wired to the main power. Before going on a vacation, make sure that all the alarm systems are working in case something unexpected happens when you’re away. If you are unsure of how the alarm systems are wired, contact a qualified electrician who can do electrical wiring and safety checks.


Ensure That Your Home is Equipped with Power Surge Protectors

Despite popular belief, not all power surges are massive electrical flows caused by a lightning strike. Power surges occur at home frequently and most are very mild or brief for the average home owner to even notice. Unlike people, power surges don’t take vacations and they are more than capable of damaging your appliances and possibly even starting a fire. Make sure that your home is equipped with a whole-house surge protector to protect your appliances and home wiring against a major power surge. Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact a reliable electrician to inspect your home and provide you with recommendations on power surge protectors.


Book an Electrical Fire Safety Inspection

Before going on a long vacation, schedule an electrical inspection of your home with a reliable electrical company like Austec Electrical. A thorough inspection will uncover hazardous appliances, electrical wiring issues, lighting issues, and power meter box problems. Once all the issues have been discovered, a qualified electrician can also perform the fixes on the same day and give you the peace of mind you need before going on a vacation.


Unplug all Electric Appliances and Devices

Not only is this a safety tip, but also an energy saving one. Since no one would be home to use or monitor your home appliances and devices, it is wise to just unplug them and also turn off all sockets that have switches in them. Leaving appliances plugged in while you are away increases the risk of something unexpected to happen such as an electrical fire. Even though appliances are turned off, they still consume small amounts of electricity if they are left plugged in. You will thank yourself when you get a surprisingly cheap electricity bill when you come back from vacation.


A Special Tip: Don’t Be Too Open About Your Vacation

It is very exciting to go on a vacation, no matter where you plan to go to. Most people post their travel plans on social media or even share their excitement to people you interact with. However, it is important that you try to contain yourself and only reveal your travel plans to people you trust. Letting the whole world know about your vacation is like putting up a sign in front of your house saying “Rob Me”. Don’t put yourself and your home at risk. Keep it under wraps as much as possible and maybe even try to arrange for someone you trust to keep an eye on your home for the duration of your vacation.


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