Everything you need to know about electrical safety inspections

Everything you need to know about electrical safety inspections

If you have been advised to get an electrical safety inspection, but you’re not sure what that means, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to help break down what an electrical safety inspection is, and why you would need one. 

First thing is first – what is an electrical safety inspection?

In Australia, all electrical services – whether in a residential home or commercial business – must comply with Australian safety standards. At Austec, we take safety seriously when it comes to both our staff and our clients, so we welcome regulation that ensures a safe standard of work across the board. That’s where an electrical safety inspection comes in – a qualified registered electrical contractor will review the electrical work in a building and provide a certificate to guarantee it complies with all the relevant safety standards. 

It’s particularly important if you are buying or selling a house to make sure there is an electrical safety inspection carried out. If you are the buyer, you want to ensure the home you are moving your family into meets Australian electrical code to reduce the risk of costly maintenance – or at worst, electrical fire. If you are the seller, it will make your home more attractive to the market to have a certification of electrical safety and will provide you peace of mind that the home you are selling is safe.

What will the electrical contractor be looking for?

During the assessment, the electrical contractor will carry out visual assessments and test the earthing, circuits and outlets for safety. A standard inspection will include: 

  • Overall condition of your wiring and cables
  • Review of your powerpoints, lights and switches
  • Review of your appliance wiring
  • Assessment of your consumer mains
  • Assessment of the switchboard and circuit protection
  • An electrical earthing check

If you aren’t sure what needs an inspection in your home, give us a call! We’ve got over 30 years of experience and are happy to help you navigate electrical safety inspections.

What types of jobs need an electrical safety certificate?

Even when you aren’t buying or selling a house, an electrical safety inspection must be carried out on any job that includes installation, modification or alteration of your electrical wiring. As a result of the inspection, you will receive an electrical safety certificate that guarantees the work has been carried out to code. Your residential electrician will not need to provide an electrical safety certificate for routine maintenance work but will need to for pretty much any other type of electrical work. Renovations, new builds, installing new appliances, air conditioning units and hot water systems all require electrical safety certificates.

What will the electrical safety certificate have on it?

Before the electrical contractor leaves, check your electrical safety certificate has the following details: 

  • Your name and the address that the electrical work took place
  • The date that the electrical services were carried out
  • Details of the job and the tests carried out to ensure it complies with Australian safety standards
  • The license number of the residential electrician who carried out the work
  • The license number of the electrical contractor who inspected the work

If you’re looking for an experienced residential electrician in Perth that you can rely on – you’ve found one! Austec Electrical has a track record of exceeding expectations with diligent analysis and long-lasting electrical solutions. Call (08) 9379 9000 to book your electrical safety inspection or learn more about our residential electrical services here.