Data and Network Cabling for my Home – How do I take advantage of the nbn internet connection?

Data and Network Cabling for my Home – How do I take advantage of the nbn internet connection?

In this day and age of digital technologies and faster internet, most homes are still only equipped with one or two data and network sockets (typically RJ45 sockets). The sockets are typically only located in the designated office room in the house, while the remaining areas usually only have WiFi as the only available internet connection option. With the rise of home automation through a variety of connected home assistants and the introduction of faster fixed-line internet such as the nbn access network, it makes more and more sense that homes need to have a more up-to-date data dn network cabling system in place. Doing so also future-proofs the home especially with all the up-and-coming home assistant technologies that work seamlessly when data and network sockets are available in every room of the house.


How Do I Get Started?

First, check if the nbn access network is available in the area. Although most data and network cabling is backwards compatible with older internet connections such as ADSL, it is better to update the home network cabling when the nbn access network is available in order to avoid home gateway, cabling and socket compatibility issues that may arise. Furthermore, people who are seriously considering home automation would need a faster and more reliable internet connection such as the nbn access network to run all smart appliances and devices seamlessly.


Second, determine the technology needs for your home. Do you plan to have a fully-connected home with all the automation supported at present and in the future, or do you just need a few data and network sockets installed in key points of your home? Every home owner has a different idea of what internet and connectivity needs they might require, but however simple or complex the cabling project would be, it is important to find a trusted and experienced cabling contractor to do the job. Remember, it is illegal to do any electrical or wiring job in your home unless you are a registered electrician and/or cabler.


Lastly, create an estimated budget on your data and network cabling project. Quite a number of electrical and cabling contractors advertise their services, and their price quotes can range between cheap and exorbitant. However, it is not always the smartest idea to choose a very cheap contractor to do the job because they may not have the experience or the quality workmanship to handle cabling projects involving the nbn access network. Moreover, an experienced and reliable cabling contractor will sit down and discuss with you your options and will bring with them a vast knowledge on the cabling project at hand.


When Should I Consider Upgrading My Home Network Cabling?

The best time to do cabling installations or upgrades is when you are renovating or building a new house. Doing so often results in the cheapest network cabling expense, but this does not mean that you cannot upgrade your cables even after a house has been constructed or renovated. Even just the simple installation of a good quality enclosure for your new nbn-ready modem and cabling enclosure is better than having all the cables just dangling about and prone to damage. Get advice from an experienced data and network cabling contractor and come up with a solution for your internet and connectivity needs.


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