Ask Your Electrician These Questions

Looking for a licensed electrician in your area? You should be able to trust an electrician to let him work in your home. 

To know if someone is a good fit for the electrical work in your home, these are the questions you should ask your electrician:

Electrician working on installation.


#1 Are you licensed to do electrical work in my home?

An obvious one, but it’s a good idea to make sure of this. A legal requirement in nearly every state in Australia is for the worker to have their own unrestricted electrical workers license – not just a Contractors Licence they operate under.


#2 Any Warranty?

Getting a warranty on your electrical works is a relief if something goes wrong, so ask if your work will come with any guarantee or assurance.


#3 Insurance Check?

Electrical work poses a lot of risks, and things can go wrong sometimes. If your electrician doesn’t have an insurance policy, then you will be taking on a huge risk! Having an insurance should protect the electrician working, you and your family.


#4 What experience does your electrician have?

The longer the experience, the better it is. You want to find an experienced Electrical Company. You might also want to check if the electrician specializes in something and if their specialty matches the job you need done, it will surely be the best!


#5 Will you be on time?

You wouldn’t want to spend your entire day waiting for your electrician to arrive, good thing to ask beforehand if they are punctual. Asking this will also show them that you are serious about timeliness.

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