Are you suffering from a Aircon Cold? Here’s how to stop it!

Are you suffering from a Aircon Cold? Here’s how to stop it!

Air conditioners are a huge part of everyday life here in Australia, Especially in those hot summer months. They make the heat bearable and turn your home in to a winter wonderland. However many of us will at one time feel the adverse effects when using their air-conditioning unit. The dreaded Aircon cold: Sneezing, chills and sore throat are just some of the effects.

Check out our top tips to rid yourself of the aircon cold for good!


1.      Set the thermostat on your aircon at just the right temperature.

As the outside temperature increases, many of us turn down the heat inside and set that aircon to 18 degrees. This habit is one popular among travelers who take on the mentality that if they aren’t paying the bill it doesn’t matter. Unfortunately, this results in the room being too cold for comfort.

So what Is the perfect temperature for those hot summer days…

We suggest between 22-24 degrees for the perfect mix of cool and refreshing but not freezing. By setting your aircon to a more reasonable temperature you will also take the climate shock to your body out of the equation and rid yourself of that runny nose.

2.      Clean your air filter!

This is one tip we can’t stress enough! Aircon filters can be home to nasties such as mold, dust and other harmful particles.  If you suffer from asthma, these particles can be especially dangerous and are known to bring on attacks.

Now I bet your sitting there thinking.. Well how does one clean this filter you speak of..

The answer is… this is where we come in. Having a licensed professional perform routine maintenance and cleans on your filter can be a game changer for your health.

3.      Fix leaks in your aircon

Leaks in your aircon unit can cause more harm than just that puddle on your floor. Water leaks can facilitate the growth of harmful bacteria, molds, and germs.

Fixing leaks as soon as possible can also help avoid further damage to the unit and will help with cutting your power bill.

4.      Determine the cause of poor air flow.

Poor airflow can cause bigger issues that just the obvious lack of cool air. The main cause of poor airflow is trapped dust within the vent. This trapped dust causes low quality of air and pollutes the air that you breathe in daily in turn resulting in the feeling of allergies and cold symptoms.

If you experiencing poor airflow, get in touch today to have a licensed aircon technician check it out.