Air Conditioning Servicing Perth

Air Conditioning Servicing Perth

When servicing an air conditioner, choose a company you can trust

Whether it’s hot or cold weather, an air conditioner offers a level of comfort in the office or home. To ensure it maintains an ambient temperature, you need to ensure regular servicing. For air conditioning servicing in Perth, contact Austec Electrical today.

We have more than 30 years’ experience working with the most popular air conditioning brands in Australia. Servicing is essential because it maximizes the lifespan of your air conditioning unit.

Servicing your aircon is important because it ensures that the unit functions at its peak. Experts warn that for every year of operation in which you do not service your aircon, it loses 5% of its efficiency.

Regular servicing of an AC unit will address small problems that could grow into bigger expensive problems.

How frequently should you consider servicing?

Even if you do not suspect that your air conditioning unit has problems, you need to ensure it is serviced and inspected at least once a year. This ensures that it will be ready to cool the house in those blazing hot summers.

As the air conditioning unit runs, it collects dirt and dust in critical areas such as the filters and condensing coils. This can adversely affect its efficiency. The dirt build-up, if not checked, can reduce the unit’s operating efficiency by 5 %.

General servicing refrigerated air conditioners

At the yearly AC unit inspection, we will check thermostat settings to ensure their accuracy; tighten all electrical connections; lubricate all moving parts; inspect the condensate drain, and check all the controls of the system. We will also clean the evaporator and check the refrigerant level, and clean and adjust blower components.

All our air conditioning repairs and installations come with a five-year labour warranty – plus the manufacturer’s warranty of the unit itself – so you know you’re getting service that will last.

A thorough air conditioning tune-up will make sure your unit is operating at peak efficiency. Even little things like a partially clogged indoor or outdoor coil, an improper refrigerant level or a dirty air filter will make your unit work harder and use more energy.

Hygienic servicing of refrigerated evaporative air conditioners

This helps keep the system clean and free from allergens. Once the system is clean, we’ll run a full system test and diagnostic report to make sure everything is running smoothly.

You can expect the following from an air conditioning service inspection:

  • Level, calibrate and review thermostat operation
  • Inspect and clean filters
  • Clear and flush condensate drain line
  • Inspect blower assembly
  • Check blower motor capacitor
  • Inspect blower motor for proper volt and amp readings
  • Inspect indoor and outdoor wiring and connections
  • Inspect evaporator coil
  • Check refrigerant metering device for proper installation
  • Inspect plenum for air leaks
  • Inspect refrigerant lines and check for proper insulation
  • Inspect high voltage disconnect boxes and tighten all connections
  • Monitor and assess supply and return temperatures
  • Rinse condenser coil
  • Check condenser clearances
  • Check condenser fan motor and compressor capacitor
  • Monitor condenser fan motor and compressor
  • Inspect condenser fan blades
  • Inspect condition of contactor contacts
  • Measure refrigerant charge
  • Inspect refrigerant service valves

Servicing evaporative air conditioners

We can help service all evaporative air conditioning brands and services. Servicing will include a thorough cleaning and disinfection of the water sump and cleaning the filter pads. This helps keep the system clean and free from allergens. Once the system is clean, we’ll run a full system test and diagnostic report to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Regularly servicing an air conditioner prevents malfunctions, ensuring that you never need to go a day without air conditioning. It is also an excellent way to make sure your system is operating as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

If the unit is low on refrigerant or has a water leak, this will cause a dramatic increase in energy consumption. Servicing your unit once a year could more than double its service life from 7 to 15 years, and save you the money you would spend on a new system.

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