Solar Energy Perth

State-of-the-art residential and commercial solar energy solutions

At Austec Electrical, we are passionate about renewable energy and its positive impact on the environment. Thanks to the good weather and extended spells of good sunshine, Perth is an excellent city for solar energy, as is the rest of Australia which has made this the most adopted green energy solution in the country.

Many renewable energy solutions are difficult to get on board at a local level, but solar energy can be installed almost anywhere that has good exposure to the sun, including rooftops and alongside even the smallest properties. Contact your local solar energy specialists at Austec to find out more about installing a solar panel on your Perth property.


Solar Panels Not Performing ?
Solar Panels Not Performing ?
You bought a solar PV system and after a while you've noticed that they're are not living up to the hype that your salesman claimed when they were sold to you, it may not be faulty . There could be a number of issues affecting them and making your blood pressure sky rocket. Don’t panic or send the panels to the tip, here are some reasons why your PV System is not working correctly. Clean up One of the major problems people face with solar panels is dirt, a solar panel system is not a set up and forget, dirt or dust will cover the glass making the crystals inside useless. Like the windows in your home, if ther
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