What process should you follow if you have lost power ?

First, check your neighbors to see if their power is out, too, or is it only your house is affected.

If only your lights are out:

  1. Check your circuit Breakers or Fuses. Try repairing the fuse or resetting the circuit breakers .
  2. If the breakers won’t reset or the fuse blows again, try unplugging all the sockets ,don’t forget those hard to get to ones such as the fridge or dishwasher, once everything is unplugged try and reset the breaker or fuse . if this works you can isolate the power each time and while plugging in an appliance until you find the appliance causing the fault but if after you have unplugged all the appliances the breaker or fuse won’t reset just call us on our 24hour number 9379 9000.
  3. If no breaker is tripped or fuse is blown, the problem may be in the connection between our wires and your home. Report your outage using the following method:
    • Call Western Power Faults on 13135